Scotland – Event Filming


This product is areas outside of Glasgow only. Check https://www.jatvlive.com/events/ for availability before booking.

JATV Live is Scotland’s fastest growing Olympic-Style (Amateur) Boxing Streaming company. We have covered boxing shows up and down the country, and partnered with Boxing Scotland to bring fans National Championships and International Tournaments. Hundreds of thousands of boxing supporters have watched our streams from their mobile devices and from the comfort of their own homes. We bring you all the action, alongside guest appearances and commentary. As we grow, we aim to cover more and more.

Live Streaming is subject to proper and consistent Wi-Fi connection. JATV Live will not be responsible for poor signal, or inadequate signal.

COSTS – We charge between £250-350 for small-hall Olympic-style club shows. Semi-Pro/Professional Fees are negotiable.

If you would like us to attend a boxing event for filming and streaming, email Jamie@JATVLive.com or WhatsApp 07933860363.

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