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JATV Live launched JATV Goals – a youth mentoring project, working in and around Kingsway Court in Scotstounhill – in August 2022. Since then, we have been supporting children & young people in the area. We are now ready to begin developing the project to do more. We have 42 children & young people registered with us, ranging from 8 years old to 24 years old. 
We are seeking support to get the project off the ground by covering expenses, travel & running costs. We would also like to purchase sports equipment, a TV and gaming console to use in our community space during the winter months. If you would like to know more, please email jamie@jatvlive.com 

JATV Goals is a youth mentoring group (charity status pending) that supports young people, mainly from Asylum Seeking, Refugee, New Migrant and NEW & Established Black and Minority Ethnic Communities, to overcome social and physical barriers in order to reach their goals, achieve in education and work, and benefit their lives, family and community.

We offer young people one to one support when dealing with issues including; drug addiction, drug dealing, escaping the cycle of repeated criminal activity and/or violence, family relationships, domestic violence, mental and physical health and wellbeing, becoming community ambassadors, finding their identity within a UK/Scottish complex, and more.

We engage with education providers, community leaders, parents and other services to work together on a young person’s plan towards achieving their goals.

We offer money skills/benefits advice and support to avoid/reduce debt and achieve financial security and income maximisation.

We advocate on behalf of young people, their families and community by providing support to overcome immigration, education, housing, medical and criminal challenges.

We campaign for better services for young people by working with the local authority, Scottish and UK governments, youth services and others to build a better life experience and future for young people.

We facilitate group discussions on crime, mental health and wellbeing, attitudes towards gender-based violence, drug and alcohol abuse, faith and cultural issues, community participation and engagement, civil identity and other relevant issues.

We work with young people to become responsible community ambassadors.

We encourage young people to recognise and use green spaces to their communities’ advantage.

We are working on securing a community space for young people, parents and other services providers to use.

JATV Goals host regular ‘introduction to sports’ sessions for young people from disadvantaged and impoverished communities to encourage physical activity using existing space and facilities around them.

We support young people in using film, social media and music, positively, to tell their own stories and provide training to do so.

We encourage citizenship and leadership within new and settled refugee communities, by working with young people to allow them space by giving them trust to develop into their own leaders.

We want to develop a positive relationship with local organisations, and services; including the Police, so young people are aware of what is available to them.

We are in the process of applying for charitable status and will launch as a separate organisation that will focus entirely on our aims and objectives. Managed by a small committee that will oversee the work we carry out. 

Contact Jamie@JATVLive.com for more information or to support our work.

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